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Ocean City was recently named America's happiest coastal city by Coastal Living Magazine. Despite the name, Ocean City offers classic summer fun for families in New Jersey with its beautiful beaches, scenic views and good food and drink.

Whether you're lounging on the beach or dining in the dining room, Ocean City offers a variety of sweet activities for the whole family. Gillian's Wonderland Pier, owned by Ocean City Mayor Jay Gillians, offers plenty of rides for young children, from exciting seekers to family-friendly activities such as roller coasters. Not to mention that every Tuesday morning at Ocean City Music Pier, there's a kids "play area that also hosts all sorts of events and concerts. This summer, the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra, Jersey City Symphony and Atlantic City Orchestra will perform among others.

Shops line Ocean City's aptly named Bay Avenue, a stretch of the city's east side from Ocean Street to Ocean Avenue.

As for accommodation, you'll find all the fun - full of action from the beaches of Ocean City, as well as a variety of restaurants, bars and shops. Ocean City has more than 1,000 acres of beachfront properties for rent.

Whether you're here for a long weekend or stay all summer, there are plenty of hotels waiting for you in Ocean City, New Jersey, the most popular tourist destination. The best areas to find hotels, restaurants, bars, shops, hotels and restaurants on the beach are all within walking distance of the city, whether you are looking for a one- or two-night stay or even a three-week stay.

Located about one block from the ocean, this hotel is one of the most popular hotels in Ocean City, New Jersey. Located just a few blocks from Atlantic City's main beach, it is a great choice for a one or three week stay.

Besides the beach and boardwalk, Ocean City offers many great playgrounds and ball fields, including the Atlantic City Aquatic Center and New Jersey Aquarium, as well as a variety of restaurants and bars.

On the beach, you can swim, surf, build sandcastles, swim in the water and take picturesque photos on the beaches with one of the best waterproof cameras ($200). The Ocean City business district is just a few blocks from the waterfront, so you can get anywhere along the coast. The Atlantic City Aquatic Center and New Jersey Aquarium are also just a short walk away, as are a variety of restaurants and bars. Close to the main shopping street of the city, where you can shop in a variety of shops and restaurants, is the Boardwalk Market, a popular tourist attraction.

With a free beach tow, you can set off to the sea, soak up the sea breeze on the charming veranda of the inn, swim, change clothes or retire to your room for a hot shower, breakfast or dinner.

Choose and decide whether you and your family want to stay in the bustle of the seafront in the city centre or in the quieter North End or South End. Plan ahead - beach weather or not, plan ahead and often book in advance, or plan a day trip to the beach or an overnight stay at one of Ocean City's many hotels.

If you want to swim outdoors during the month, you can walk for a few hours on the beach or even stay at one of the many hotels in Ocean City.

Just one block from the beach and promenade, you can watch the Ferris wheel of the Atlantic Ocean from your heated pool or retire to your room to explore the promenades at night. This motel is located right on the edge of all shops, restaurants and entertainment venues. Just west of Ocean City is one of the most popular beaches in the state of New Jersey, the Boardwalk. You can walk all day along the boardwalk, or even just for a few hours on a hot summer day.

The twin cities on Ocean City Beach host year-round festivals and entertainment events, such as the Atlantic City Beach Festival and Ocean Beach Music Festival.

The coastal region is dry, meaning alcoholic beverages cannot be sold within the city limits, but selling spirits in Ocean City is not a magnet for prom or party people. Family fun is at the heart of the city, and what makes it a popular destination for families - friendly events and activities - is its eclectic mix of over 100 local shops and restaurants, from old school to trendy. Flanked by the Atlantic City Convention Center and the New Jersey Museum of Art, the 5,000 square foot Ocean Beach Hotel offers a variety of amenities, including a full-service bar and restaurant, as well as an outdoor pool and fitness center.

Don't miss the Vittorio family and the Oves apple cider donuts are made with local ingredients and made in-house bakeries such as Ocean City Bakery. The Seacrets of Jamaica, USA, serves a wide range of seafood and seafood, as well as a full service bar and restaurant. If you're eating fast food in OCNJ, chances are you're in Ocean County, Maryland, so out of the loop.

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