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OCEAN CITY, NJ - My family has been together for 24 years, including my son, who I was born into in 1997, and my wife of 20 years. Our family met in the early 1990s at the Ocean City Public Library in Ocean City, New Jersey. We met our family at a local cafe on the corner of Ocean Street and Ocean Avenue.

Since I was born, I have spent at least a week in Ocean City, New Jersey, every summer, and grew up a week or two away in Wildwood, New Jersey. When you think of the coastal town par excellence, you imagine a beach town full of restaurants, bars, shops, restaurants and bars. While Ocean City is the idealized version of a spicy beach town, Wildwoods is the exact opposite. The two-mile promenade is littered with tattoos and piercings whose patterns would make Granny blush.

It is also considered one of the most popular beaches in New Jersey, and there are many reasons for this. The other main attraction in Ocean City is ocean biking, running and walking on the promenade, which is very popular. The journey from one end to the other and back takes about five miles, but the route crosses the park and connects Cape May County's Route 619 with the scenic Ocean Drive.

Explore all the treasures that Ocean City has to offer on this bike tour and visit the cozy Ocean City Bed and Breakfast. After visiting the Ocean City Boardwalk, you'll want to learn more about local history, so head to the Save - A - Lot Museum of New Jersey in the city's historic district.

You can see the schedule, learn more about the team and buy tickets on the Ocean City Easter website. If you want to learn a little about the history of this area, visit the Museum of New Jersey for a guided tour of the museum. For direct information on Ocean City accommodations, visit the Ocean City Chamber of Commerce website or call 1-800-BEACH-NJ-New Jersey. Visit the City of Ocean City website for information for residents, business people and visitors, and read about all the locations, prices and exact amenities that are offered for all activities on and around the Ocean City Boardwalk.

The Ocean City Music Pier on the waterfront was built in 1928 and houses the Ocean City Pops Orchestra. Original cocktails can be found in most of Maryland's bars and many of the local restaurants.

Ocean City, New York also offers the Trolly Service, which runs from July to September. The few locations that open during the day on the Ocean City boardwalk have weather-dependent operating hours and are open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

From May to October, the Ocean City Boardwalk will surely have attractions that will appeal to the whole family. Visit Gillian's Wonderland Pier for a ride, explore the nearby Atlantic City Aquarium for educational entertainment, take a dolphin watching tour, play mini golf at Pirate's Island, shop at the New Jersey State Fair and of course visit the famous Ocean County Boardwalks. With nearly 8 miles of pristine beach to spend a day on, we have plenty of opportunities to shop, eat, entertain, shop and more.

As for the attractions on the Ocean City Boardwalk, there is no more family-friendly water park than Gillian's Wonderland Pier. If you are not a big fan of wading in the sea, you can cool off with a visit to the world's largest water park. The Gillians Wonderland Pier, owned by Ocean City Mayor Jay Gillan, offers a variety of rides for young children, from thrill seekers to children of all ages to adults.

The Ocean City Water Park is located at 728 Boardwalk and costs about $26 for adults and $22 for children. Strathmere also offers free entry to its largest beach, and it is located between Ocean City and Sea Isle City.

As with most beaches in New Jersey, you have to go further south on higher-elevation, numbered roads, but Ocean City has a fairly wide beach. The city always advises only swimming at protected beaches, and its beaches remain unguarded on Memorial Day Weekend. The payment of the taggets goes into the financing of lifeguards, garbage collection and more.

There is so much to do in Ocean City New Jersey, and you almost have to be reminded of it, but you go to the beach to do all the other things. Besides the beach and promenade, there are many other places in the city where children can explore or just relax by the water. If you have an ocean or bay in your Ocean City backyard, there's plenty to do on the beaches of Ocean City. You will find a lot you shouldn't do, so go out and do it for yourself and marvel at what you can do with your kids while you're exploring.

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